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Same as regular AIDS, except that symptoms of the disease are held at bay by the virtue of the afflicted person possessing substantial wealth, thus being able to afford expensive cutting-edge treatments. As a result, the disease is rendered virtually non-existent while the patient enjoys a normal, uninterrupted life.
Thanks to a combination of promiscuity and my trust fund, I am happy to announce that I have Magic Johnson AIDS.
by barfstormman December 30, 2010
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Something that obese Puerto Rican men have; they nonetheless appear attractive to hot Puerto Rican women.
Clyde: "Yo man, how is that fat-ass with HER? She's smokin' hot..."
Bernard: "Aw, he just got shaped up, plus he's got tons of Puerto Rican Muscle."
by barfstormman December 22, 2010
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