1 definition by banksy1

the act of undervaluing certain art-related careers and work (in contrast to careers that seem more "important" to society like the sciences) while at the same time trying to seem cultured in the arts and abusing its pleasures. One example would be a person who refuses to pay an artist or designer the full amount for their work and then goes to art museums to give his or her life value and meaning. Basically any action that makes derogatory comments on the significance of art and does not understand that 'artwork is work' falls under this category. This can often result in the artist feeling used and then completely rejected of any value to society.
Person 1: Man, I'm really interested in a career in children's book illustration.

Person 2: Isn't it crazy how children's book illustrators get paid so much for something so simple and yet engineers make all these calculation for yada yada yada?

Person 1: Wtf. That's totally art shaming!
by banksy1 November 21, 2013