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1. A single death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.
2. Not a person who was "tortureed and starved to death," certainly not by "liberals," due to the fact that she, with all due respect, was lacking of the mental capactity to feel it. Challenge this, if you'd like to argue with the professionals who examined her.
3. A "great political issue" that will surely be beneficial to the republican "pro-life base"
4. A subject of bias by those who like to feel better about themselves by saying that a human life can never be taken away without evidence of consent. Although at the same time she was given little hope for recovery after 15 years and had lost, to quote, 40% of her brain functions? By the way, Christians: this woman WAS delayed going to heaven for those 15 years while upsetting generally innocent people like you, right?
5. An alternative use for money (appox. 100,000 a year) that could have prevented thousands of deaths but was instead spent on one life (see above) and bolstered the USs pathetic attempt at aid after the recent tsunami tragedy. Why? Just because it makes you LOOK better at yourself morally? Meanwhile some poor kid cries for his dead family in the ruins of his Indonesian village? Live with that, "human beings."
A Note- Before anyone starts mutilating my definition and my name: no I am not a commie for recognizing an intelligent paradoxial remark, or a fag because you have pms, or even a liberal. I am, however, a "loser" because I am different. That's right. I'm Green.
"Liberal"- Look, Terri is not going to recover.
"A Human Being"- you democratic, fetus killing fucking fag! How could you do this to ANY person?!?! I'll remove YOUR feeding tube and those of all your satanic fellows!
"Liberal"- I am humbled by your overpowering belief in life (ahem)
by bandar bush April 07, 2005
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