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The unbelievably happy, complete Euphoria feeling that comes from the combination of popular anti-depression (aka. - happy pill) known as Prozac and the also popular use of the drug Marijuana in its finest form. This is known on the street as “Marizac” These 2 drugs are both known to cause delusional and unexplained states of happiness. Side effects of this combination of the 2 drugs( include but are not limited to): feeling like nothing can go wrong. A complete lack of responsibility in areas that a person should have responsibility in. Examples include: not going to work. Not going to family get-to-gethers. Not going to school. Or a total lack of desire to go anywhere because you a completely fine and utterly happy with doing absolutely nothing. Physical side effects can include binge eating or a total lack of desire to ever eat again. An alert but dream like state. And un-controllable irrational laughter at just about anything said or the lack of anything being said. Marizac mountain however refers to the peak of this experience, so it is said that you have reached the top of the mountain, or the ultimate level that Marizac has to offer.
Person 1: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m just so happy look at that banana, that banana is all I need to be happy. Hahahahaha”
Person 2: “Umm are you okay?”

Person 1: “I’m more than okay I’m on Marizac Mountain”
by banana-ramma December 27, 2011
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