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similar to an expiration date, if you pass a certain weight your health is no good. point of no return. passing your expiration weight will end up in either many surgeries or death. beware.
"Hey! Who gave you permission to eat cake?! You're on a strict diet!"-doctor
"My wife..."-mr. portley
"No more cake! You're about to pass your expiration weight!"-doctor
by bambilovestoparty December 09, 2009

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Pure Dumb Blonde Slut.
Typically bleached blonde, but natural blondes can fit into this category too. Pretty much any slut who acts like a stupid bimbo.
Random guy on street: "Suck my dick bitch!"
PDBS: "Okay!"
30 minutes later...
PDBS: "I don't know why he won't call me back!"
smart person: "Lets see, you're a PDBS and he doesn't even know who you are. You just sucked his dick and he left."
PDBS: "What?"
by bambilovestoparty September 20, 2009

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