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A uglie a*s bi**h who thinks she is sexy whilst it's actually the contrary. She thinks everyone likes her when actually everyone fu**ing abhors her
Did you see Chiara

Oh that ugly girl no I am trying to avoid her
by ballsucker28 October 02, 2017

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A beautiful women with blue eyes and is actually quite hot.
There is a boy in class that doesn't love her but wants to get closer to her. Description of her: blue eyes and sexy.
The boy (one day): Hey Amelie read my definition of you on Urban dictionary
Amelie: Ok
The boy; I mean everything in there
by ballsucker28 October 03, 2017

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Has a best friend callled Chiara.
Do you know Chiara, ye she is the best friend of Amelie
by ballsucker28 January 24, 2018

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The weirdest person you'll ever see in your life. If you look at her you'll become weird as well`
Oh no, isn't Charlee. I'll now be weird for the rest of my life now
by ballsucker28 January 12, 2018

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