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The state one finds oneself in the day after a one night stand, or a particularly exhaustive sexual tryst. Typically characterized by a rough and tousled appearance, and feelings of dirtiness (or, alternatively, dreaminess), distraction, lethargy, and general uselessness.

Similar to a hangover, but produced by copious amounts of sex, rather than alcohol.

An extension of the walk of shame (which lasts only as long as the journey from the scene of one's sexual exploits back to one's home), the bang-over continues throughout the following 24-hour period (or at least until unconsciousness occurs), regardless of whether one is in the company of others, or showing outward signs of having been engaged in said exploits.

Otherwise known as post-coital remorse or, in extreme situations, a post-coital coma.

Not to be confused with the tamer morning after condition, the bangover.
Layla: Maria, salimos esta noche? (shall we go out tonight?)
Maria: Ay, no se. Estoy sufriendo de un bang-over malisimo. (I don't know, I'm suffering from a wicked bang-over.)


Layla: What happened to you last night? I couldn't find you...
Maria: I went home with that guy. Did the walk of shame at 6 AM.
Layla: Damn girl, you must have one helluva bang-over.
Maria: Fact.
by bad-call betty February 16, 2010
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