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Toronto is the most cosmopolitan, ethnically-diverse city in Canada and, last time I checked, North America. Many Vancouverites and Montrealers can't accept this and say that Toronto is violence-ridden and that we have a drug problem, overlooking the fact that Vancouver's drug problem is so bad that they actually have detox centers run by the city where heroin addicts can get a safe hit. I won't even talk about Montreal, other than to say that they're whining bitches that can't deal with the fact that they're not Canada's biggest and best city in Canada and haven't been since the 70's.

Also, all these small-town farmboys and rural mofos that talk about our crime problem and shit really have no idea what they're talking about because they are too busy fornicating with farm animals and relatives to come to Toronto to experience it first hand.

Besides, we have the hottest women in the world, including Paris and New York. Period.
Toronto kicks massive ass.
by bad daddy April 17, 2005

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1. One who is simultaneously acting like a fool and is exhibiting the sense and actions of a crack fiend.

Related to cracktaculous and crunktunculous.
"That guy over there, yammering away and picking fights with gangstas, is a cracktard."
by bad daddy April 13, 2005

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1. Someone who is the penetrator during anal sex (especially gay anal sex). Refers to the fact that the penis pokes the feces inside the rectum of their partner.
"Oh man, Elton John is the biggest shitpoker over".
by bad daddy April 13, 2005

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1. One who is simultaneously ignorant, annoying, and a bad person.
"Wow that guy is a loser and an asshole! What a fagbastard!"
by bad daddy April 13, 2005

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1. Used to describe someone who is/is acting like they are very high on stimulant drugs (usually crack); also used to describe the actions of that person.

Related to crunktunculous.
1. "Wow, he just taunted a bull by smacking its balls, then beat the bull to death after it charged him. Now he's muttering some incoherent shit about it. That sure was cracktaculous!"

2. "That spastic, jabbering individual over there is massively cracktaculous."
by bad daddy April 13, 2005

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1. Used interchangeably with "crunktaculous"; used to describe one who is either drunk and high in the extreme or is simply displaying the judgement of someone in the aforementioned state.
1. "Wow, look at that homeless guy, ramblin' away! He sure is crunktunculous!"
by bad daddy April 13, 2005

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