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Bablu is a boy who is notorious and doesn’t sleep in the day and doesnt sleep in the night.

He gives taane the whole day and doesnt like most things. There is also a Chhota Bablu who is very cute like Bada Bablu.
Modi ji rocks!! Said “Bablu”
by babli May 12, 2021
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A sweet caring loving ,non judgemental girl who loves close people unconditionally she may take time to know u but once she knows you have made a difference in her life she will give her life for you. A very protective person very fun loving , jovial n enthusiastic talkative and bubbly. she loves to make u laugh . A tat bit innocent . And a very forgiving person just like a child will forgive every thing in a jiffy . A bit short tempered but never hurts any bodies feelings . you can talk her about anything she'll understand
Oh she such a mridhula .

oh mridhula just made my day
by babli June 05, 2014
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