3 definitions by azzkicker

A "chose one or the other" type question that is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to answer because both options are gay and/or disgusting.
-would you rather eat shit or suck a dick?
-i dunno, man...that's a real bitch-question.
by azzkicker July 28, 2010
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When a man is getting a blowjob and right before he comes, the woman makes football uprights with her fingers in front of her face. If the jizz makes it through, he throws his arms up and shouts "it's good!"
I was watching the game yesterday when all of a sudden your mom comes up to me and asks for a 50 yard field goal of her own. "It's good!"
by azzkicker November 22, 2010
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When a girl (or guy) is on their hands and knees while taking one dick orally and one anally. As they climax, they shoot their come onto the back of the person they are fucking. If there is a fourth person, they proceed to eat what's on the "table" with a spoon.
My best friend and I gave your mom and sister Thanksgiving Dinner last night even though it's July. It was a blast!
by azzkicker May 5, 2010
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