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1. highly prudish and high-strung person (usu. white female) from upper-middle class suburbs who can't stay out and have a good time because she has to go home and 'pack' or 'knit' or other such assinine 'obligations'

2. also, someone (usu. white female) who cannot refrain from delivering minute and unjustified critism, i.e. nit-pick
Guy: Why're you going home so early... it's Friday night!
Knitpacker: Yeah... but I have to go home and organize my linen closet.
by azaad November 23, 2006

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1. to deceive, cheat, or be involved in a fraudulent act or operation.
<colloq: to pull a fast one on someone>

2. to obtain by means of trickery
can be used in the place of finagel
He j-nageled me out of the last piece of chicken.
by azaad November 23, 2006

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