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Short for masculine, masc is a cultural term used by LGBTQ+ people to denote masculine appearance or mannerisms in queer people. It is not exactly the same as masculinity (See: femme vs. femininity).

All bodies can be masc, masc people can use all pronouns. To be masc doesn't necessarily mean you want to be like a cisgender heterosexual man. Most often masc culture is defined by queer masculine people- especially transmasc (mas transgender and gender nonconforming) people. Like masculinity, masc is not defined by cisgender or heterosexual men and being masc doesn't automatically mean you practice "toxic masculinity" or hate femininity.

There is some complex overlap between butch lesbian and transmasc culture.
Kai: I know mascs are always talking about our hair, but who's your barber dude? You look hot!
Alex: Thanks dude, but first tell me where you got that button up?

Kyle: Mascs are great, but why can't they just admit they like to bottom too?
Todd: I don't know, their loss.
by ay_o March 11, 2021