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She is the friend who looks innocent and pure, but she is a party wild animal at heart. Her beauty attracts bare guys, but she struggles in finding the right gentleman for her. She is a natural dancer and loves to jam to hip hop/rap/kpop music when she is with her closest friends. Even though she loves to party, she enjoys spending quality time with people who means the most to her. If she is not a house party, you can find her at an aesthetic coffee shop, listening to music and drawing random doodles. Aside from her social life, she is the most genuine, caring, and giving person. She would always asks how you are, listens to you, gives you free food, and cooks the most delicious meals for you. Even with all these qualities about her, she doesn't know how precious and beautiful other people perceive her as. Sometimes, she needs a little encouragement and compliment.
Yo, have you seen Doris on Instagram? She is on fire!
You need a Doris in your life.
by avocadooos November 20, 2018

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