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"The Rogue" from the guild Vicarious from the Area 52 server in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. He is an undead rogue, which makes him a proud member of The Horde.

He was the first rogue in game history to be given the legendary bow Thori'dal, The Stars' Fury. It's dropped by Kil'jaeden (The Deceiver) from the instance Sunwell Plateau. He already was in possession of both legendary Warglaives of Azzinoth which drop off of boss Illidan Stormrage (The Betrayer) in the Black Temple instance.

Analogkid was awarded the bow even though there were two hunters in the raid group with him, both which could have benefited from the bow's amazing stats.

Analogkid is now a bit of a celebrity.

He enjoys pwning noobs, running around Orgrimmar showing off all three of his legendaries, speculating on running for office, and helping his guild win every realm achievement possible.
a rogue got the bow?!!1 wtf! ANALOGKID = hax!!!!11

random noob: wow thats a kool bow! werez it from?!!
random noob: lolwut
by avengingconscience November 28, 2008
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