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Rav is a rapper currently known for his influence in experimental hip hop. As of May 28, 2019, Rav's only released album has been Beneath the Toxic Jungle which has 10 songs on it. Beneath the Toxic Jungle is often abbreviated by his fans and as BTTJ. Rav and fellow rapper Kill Bill: the Rapper often collaborate or feature on each other's songs.
Person 1: Have you heard the song "Lavender" by Rav? Kill Bill is also on it.

Person 2: Who the fuck is Rav lmao
by atlas lmao May 28, 2019
For when you have to thank the Based God Lil B for anything worth thanking him for.
Often abbreviated to TYBG
The Based God Lil B fucked my bitch, thank you based god.
by atlas lmao May 28, 2019