3 definitions by assandtitties

Referred to some girls at our school who believe they are better than us because they have boyfriends and ugly faces.

People that Arnt dickheads normally have names such as Eb and steph
Oi, look at those dickheads.

There names must not be steph and Eb
by assandtitties November 7, 2013
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A D-Pizzle is an awkward white male.
"darn that guy thinks he is so fly he is just a D-Pizzle
by assandtitties May 13, 2015
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The act of sweet talking a woman or women into performing sexual acts for you.
Wilmar Valderema must have been spittin mad game to Lindsay Lohan before he got to take her virginity
by assandtitties August 10, 2006
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