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A type of business run by a chiropractor. Chiropractors are not real doctors but they all pretend to be. They cannot prescribe legal drugs and medications due to a lack of reality based medical training. A chiropractor will actually "adjust" a new-born babies back and convince you that it was necessary. Chiropractors can't cure anything, but they will treat you endlessly for the return fee to their offices. They frequently utilize xray equipment to give an impression that they are genuine doctors.

They will call themselves doctors and physicians and practitioners but they rarely have the emergency training of a nursing assistant.

Chiropractors kill people at least once a week on average. They cause paralysis in previously normal people. Chiropractic is also done by non-chiro's and people that pride themselves on being able to "crack your back."

Chiropractors sell vitamin supplements and special diets to make up for the fact that they're not allowed to write prescriptions for real drugs.

If your blood pressure is 200/120, they'll give you "an adjustment" instead of referring you to a real doctor.
Don't use chiropractors because chiropractic is fraud. Go see a licensed physical therapist instead.
by asiansareeasy July 18, 2017
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