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Acronym which stands for:Laughing Out Loud Pooping In Pants or Laughing Out Loud Peeing In Pants, etc.Internet slang for something so funny, you laugh hard enough to poop or pee your pants (literally or figuratively speaking).Funnier than LMAO,ROFL, and ROFLMAO.When you're literally pissing yourself, you know it's funny.Mostly girls under the age of 18 do this, but it can happen to ANYONE.
Me:So the other day I was telling a hilarious story, and can you guess what Kaylee did?
Me:She straight Lolpip'd right in front of me.
Steph:Figures.She thinks everything's funny.
Me:So did I when I was 15!

on facebook chat:
Me:Mr. Tinkles got caught in a plastic bag and is freakishly running around the house like a bat outta hell again.Dumb cat!He's freaking out---oh wait, he got free.Guess you could say 'the cat's out of the bag'.lol!

Kaylee:(awkward pause)...Oh I get it.LOLPIP!!!!:D

Me:ew.how mature.
by asherly_likes_scissors June 09, 2010

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