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Flavour Rock is music that is rock based, but has more flavour than the typical 4/4 time signature, 3 chord, 1-4-5-1 progression stuff that makes up the bulk of popular music today.

It has more thought put into it so that ideas which add flavour to the melodies, harmonies, beats, and phrases are emphasized.

Flavour Rock aims to be original, creative and fresh, but sometimes one must listen to the subtleties of it to fully appreciate the flavour.
"That genre of music would be considered 'Flavour Rock' because it has a distinct sound that cannot be classified by any other genre of rock music"

"I enjoy Flavour Rock because it instills a sense of curiousity in me and makes me want to listen more so I can hear the subtle intricacies of the music"
by ash82 June 26, 2008
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