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ocean city nj-
probably the driest beach town you’ll ever visit, tho there’s 2 rockin liquor stores right across the bridge. you want good pancakes? we’ve got uncle bills. good ice cream? actually no fucking bomb ass ice cream?? aunt betty’s. the courts on 35th are the best place for pickup games, and to pick up some day surfers and night ballers (girls, the best time is 7-9 pm)! you tired after a long days of work getting your tan? don’t hesitate to call randazzo’s and get some of the best pizza in the city, of course aside mac and mancos. 7th street and the surf mall are the places to blow your summer money on, and you never walk out of them without a new henna or braids in your hair. OCBP never fails to make us stop and stare, and one of the biggest accomplishments is the pleasure to talk to one of these boys. family town or whatever the fuck, once you go you get attached, and if you’ve grown up here you can agree that no matter any other beach town you visit nothing beats our little home town of ocean city, and that is ocean city NJ, NOT ocean city MD!!!
Me: yo you’ve ever been to ocean city NJ??
Jack: no bro any fucking good?
Me: i suggest you getcho ass down there soon!!
by aschu January 16, 2018

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