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The time at which one's ballsac believes it to be midnight. Due to it's geographic location. Approximately 11 minutes after actual midnight. The very beginning of twilight.
Sorry I didn't come over last night, Tom. My fucktard of a boss had me working 'till ballsac midnight.
by asbelloniblood June 02, 2009

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A full-bodied, well deserved, punch in the rectum. The performance of the Fist of Glory is usually accompanied by a loud, soul-shaking roar. Given out of spite, respect, love, cowardice, or humor; the Fist of Glory if performed right, is like a sucker punch for your butthole.
"If I see that damn mailman again, I'm gonna give him the Fist of Glory"

"Grandma sure gave that guy a Fist of Glory"
by asbelloniblood June 03, 2009

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