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The most awesome place in the universe. Band geeks live here. They eat, sleep, and change their clothes, play instruments, sing show music, and talk about marching band. Some making out is inevitable. Band lockers line the walls filled with hacky sacks, water bottles, spare clothes, food, instruments, sun block, music, awesome socks, and everything else necessary for life as a band geek. Most band geeks will spend around an hour here before and after school. It is the highlight of their social life.
Mom: Why do you get to school an hour before it starts?
Band Geek: I have to play hacky sack, hit some drummers, and hang with my section in the band hall! Duh

Band Geek 1: Where are your pants?
Band Geek 2: I don't know, I took them off a while ago to change and forgot what I was doing when I joined an epic voice rendition of the show.
Band Geek 1: Wow. That is a fail so epic it is almost a win.
by arual21 June 20, 2009

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