2 definitions by aptpitbull92563

The definition of an aggressive driver that pulls in front of you, cuts you off and then hits the brakes. This is a person that you watch drive in front of you, while thinking to yourself how can I run over this person and get away with it?
God, what a douche rinse! Thanks alot douche rinse for pulling in front of me and cutting me off!
by aptpitbull92563 January 19, 2017
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Forced disintegration of a person for doing something completely and utterly stupid or idiotic without any regard for other human or animal life like speeding recklessly, cutting off drivers and causing possible harm to others.
Dumbass driver, if I could I would be vaporizing your ass in a second, gone forever, not missed by anyone
by aptpitbull92563 June 27, 2020
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