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A really amazing person, and is perfect in just about every way, but she doesn't see it. She's the type of girl who will beat herself up over any mistake she makes, no matter what. She's often really hurting inside because of a horrible family, who has been putting her down, but she puts on a happy face and refuses to let people feel sorry for her because she feels like she's just a pain. If an Eva lets you on to any of her pain or hurt, not only are you extremely lucky because that means she feels like you're someone that she can trust, (which takes a lot, Evas don't trust easily because of all the hurt they've had in their life) but you need to recognize that the REAL crap that she's going through, is at least 20 times worst. If you're an Eva, and you're reading this, please remember, YOU ARE AMAZING YOU FREAKING MODEL YOU'RE GORGEOUS! STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN YOU BEAUTIFUL HOOMAN BEAN!!! For the rest of us, if you ever have an Eva in your life, never EVER let her go. She will be the best friend or lover you'll ever get. But if you hurt her, your life is going to be a living hell. Evas are experts in karma. They know what they're doing. They don't look it, but they can (and will) beat you to a pulp if you hurt them. But an even worse thing to do to an Eva, is to hurt one of her friends.
(I had to continue it here) An Eva will do anything for anyone. They put everybody else's problems and lives above their own. So hurting one of their friends is essentially a death wish. Eva is over protective. Putting all of that aside, Eva is one of the prettiest people you will ever know. Her eyes are most likely going to be a brown/hazel/green color, her hair is almost always a light brown, and long. If an Eva gets glasses, she is likely to choose wide frames, which look amazing on her. Evas are nerds, and proud of it. Call Eva a nerd, and it won't hurt her, it'll actually make her day. Evas believe that nerds are the only ones who actually care about doing well. Even though an Eva could easily get in with the "popular" people, she chooses to stick with the people that she can relate to, and be her fun, weird, hyper, caring, kind, and over protective self around.
Hold on to Eva, she's something special.
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by applesauce2005 October 23, 2019

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Literally any day, now that it's on Urban Dictionary you have to do it you chicken!!! JUST TELL THEM ALREADY BIATCH!!!
"K jeez man, calm down"
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by applesauce2005 October 23, 2019

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Sarah, she looks sweet and innocent, but it's an act. Once you let her in, she will do her best to destroy both your mental health, and your reputation. She plays it up in front of adults so that they believe her lies. She has an obsession with lying and stealing. She is one of the most toxic people you will meet, even if she's pretty.
"Who's that?"

"That's Sarah, be careful, she looks sweet, but is really toxic."
"Nah, you're joking, I'm gonna go try to be friends with her, someone that cute can't be bad"
*2 days later*
"I was right! She's super nice! I feel like I can trust her with anything!"
"Don't say I didn't warn you..."
*1 year later*
"Sarah's been leeching off me and spreading rumors about me this whole time!!!
My reputation is ruined! My grades are in a downward spiral because of all he drama I'm in! I'm loosing people close to me to her!!!"
"Told you so."
by applesauce2005 October 22, 2019

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