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A man named Martino of the Dutch nationality who thoroughly enjoys to be donkey punched while screaming "mMmMm yahhh" and orgasming simultaneously with the 3 Dutch Dykes.
I eat Martino Dutchboy for lunch.
by antonius April 09, 2003
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Mikey: Man, why don't you just get over her. It's been 3 weeks since you broke up and you barely seemed to like her.
Ezekiel: Not sure, Mike. It must be retroactive love.
by antonius January 15, 2004
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Abbreviated form of Atlantic City. Used by suburban kids to sound like they're urban kids when talking about Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Atlantic City is a resort on the Southern New Jersey shore famous for its boardwalk, its casinos, its beaches, and also for White House Subs.
Yo, there's a party up in AC. Wanna go?


Sorry, man, I gotta go to the doctor's in AC tomorrow. We'll do lunch some other time.


-Dude, the waves are huge in AC!
-Which beach?
-Mississippi Avenue. Let's go!
by antonius October 11, 2004
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a flithering fuck who prancings around the malls and grunts and pretends to talk to people when he eats garbage
Who is that slithering goon?
by antonius April 09, 2003
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