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A town in Loudon County, TN that doesn't deserve to be called a city. It's basically some rundown railroad town that helped supply the Confederates during the Civil war, in which the South lost. 150 years later, it is still inhabited by the Rebel Scum who take pride in such a shitty town and lifestyle, and Tons of Mexicans, which both combined, make up 98% of the population. The remaining 2% of Blacks, Asians, and Indians You will barely ever see. Despite a very undiverse population, the town is very diversified. Dotted with slum-like small houses and trailer parks in the lower half, the good side of town, near all the schools and shopping centers has nice subdivisions and golf courses, along with a marina by the lake. However, there are no job opportunities, as you can only be a cashier or bagger at any grocery store, gas station, or shopping center. The School System is average, so are the people. Face it. No one lives in Lenoir City because it is the shit. They probably inherited their great-great-grandfather's land after he got destroyed in the Civil War and decided to imbreed. Highway 321 is our only salvation.
Big bad Lenoir City just got real this time. Read it and weep.
by anonymous0012 April 01, 2011

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