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A fan nickname for detractors of the Twilight series named after the universally hated (actually all of the books are hated, but this one sucked the most) fourth book, Breaking Dawn, that even the most fanatic twitard despised.

Considered the most pandering to the Mary Sue fanbase since Bella didn't have to do shit in any of the four books and still gets everything she wants. It's like My Super Sweet 16 except its more vapid and shallow and has bloodsucking dilholes. Her half-human/vampire shitspawn already has teeth and wants Jacob to bone her infant body. Mother of the Year, people.

Oh, and she also turns into a vampire, erasing all of her 'perceived' flaws, (she doesn't trip over shit anymore, big whoop), and becoming uber beautiful and powerful and breaking all vampire canon by becoming a n00b, but can restrain herself from sucking good ol' AB-.

Twilight is for people with self-esteem issues. They're either butt-ugly, stupid, an emo fucktard thinking the world is against them, or a middle aged mom.
"I'm not going to see Breaking Wind because Jacob ends up becoming a pedophile."
by anonknows December 27, 2011

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