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A 'traditional' english grammar school, where the girls will try anything to get away with the short skirts. The head teacher often tries to get the public to believe that the girls have the best behaviour in all the country, however the girls never seem to disappoint, with their unruly behaviour, and flirting with every boy they see.

In year 7, the girls are often walked to the gate by their parents, as they may need help carrying their big bags. They usually stick out from a crowd, due to their wanna-be-hard attitude, and huge blazers.

By the time the girls are in year 11, most respect has gone for, pretty much, most of the school, and the girls get more and more rebellious with their uniform.

Most of the girls fail to do their homework, although some do it the lesson before it is due in. When homework is not complete, some girls will go to great lengths not to get a 'homework concern' in their logbook, and often have fun inventing lengthy excuses. By the time they have finished with their excuses, most teachers either just let them off, or give them a 'homework concern' anyway.
often known as cchs, Chelmsford County High School For Girls has many cliques, and stereotypes including; geeks, plastics, goths, emos, loners, sport freaks, nerds, punks, chavs and bimbos
by anon1111212121 January 05, 2010

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