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1. Involving raves , it's the idea of jumping around everywhere and not sitting down. These people usually have no idea what they're doing and have little or no talent with gloves, flowlights, orbits, poi, etc. They wear rave clothes like they fit in, but are rather annoying.

2. Involving vaginas, it's a unshaved, nasty vagina. Usually, girls that can't get a guy have jungles.
1. Raver 1: "Hey, look at that jungle guy over there! That's just sad!
Raver 2: "I never thought I'd see one that bad. He's jumping all over the place like a freak!"
Raver 1: "He is a freak."

2. Jungle Girl: "Do you want to eat me out?"
Guy: "H*ll, no b*tch! I've heard about that jungle down there!"
by annon_central November 30, 2011

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