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Jess is someone who is absolutely ethereal, no matter where of when or what state she in, she is always gorgeous and glowing, she could make a whole crowd turn and say "she's so beautiful", she's one in million and frankly there isn't many women as amazing or as talented as Jess, she has many hidden talents she you'll need to get closer to her to discover, and she may seem more of a deeper person than the image she creates, it's impossible not to fall in love with Jess, whether it's for her perfect complexion or just how bubbly bright attitude, hands down she's the most incredible person you'll ever encounter so you shouldn't lose her or even remotely mess up, to win her heart you need to be respectful but also be humorous and witty and have a sense of understanding and relation to her interests and opinions. She's truly the best person to exist.
Damn... You know she's a Jess... She's ethereal
by animez._.beatz January 31, 2021

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