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A thin tube, rod, or otherwise thin long object used to insert into the urethra of one gentleman half way. The other end is inserted into another gentlemans urethra, the result, double dipsticking.
Jims: Yo bro, you got the double dipstick?

Slapdick: Yeah man.

Jims: Sweet, my dick has been itching for a double-dipsticking.
by angrysomeoneelsehasmyname March 31, 2008
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A threat. The act: getting a hot girl/prostitute/total slut bag to go in and start rubbing/sucking/engaging in sexual congress with the subject of your threat. Then, shortly before ejaculation, but at full and inescapable arousal, you burst into the room and punch said target in the head of the dick aiming towards the base of said penis. The result: complete and utter destruction of said person via ruination into the base of their wang.
Jims: Dude, don't go there. I'll give you a lead zeppelin.

Slapdick: The metal band?

Jims: No the ruination of your dick bro.
by angrysomeoneelsehasmyname March 30, 2008
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