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Feeling upset that goes on and on, and won't go away.
When your depressed you feel drained,anger, worthless,every thing is a effort. And like your life is not worth living, can't stop crying and you don't always have to have a reason, your just on edge.
You have so much sadness and pain that what ever you do you can't get rid of. Some peoples depression is obviously not as bad, and doesn't last as long. But major depression goes on for months and some times years.
You sleep more, or you can less. But lots of depressed people sleep in the day too.
Very negative all the time.
Can't see a way out and that your be better of dead.
Feel in despair.
When you feel bad, you often self harm, you just want to hurt you self. You have so much pain inside, yet you don't no why. Depression is a living hell.
All you know is how you feel, day in and out.
Not enough people understand depression.
And not enough right help is given to those people who desperately need it, and end up killing them self.
If you have bad depression that you can get rid of it.
Life is going to be meaningless, and your going to just think about death even if you don't do any thing.
I know, lots about depression NOT by reading stuff i know shit all about.
Basically i live the shit so i know depression.
by angeleyes October 02, 2006

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