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axxo is a term that means a media file has the best quality. usually seen associated with ripped videos on torrent sites. in almost every case it is placed at the end of the description.

i believe it origionated with a user or team of users named axxo that made it their mission to rip and share only the very best quality in movies, after a while people who wanted that kind of quality began to look for the axxo tag. i'm not sure if the term specifically means that it is ripped by axxo or if it has broadened to mean high quality in general (as kleenex now means tissue and xerox now means photocopy) but, if it says axxo on it, you should be able to expect quality that is on par with the origional.
Snakes On A Plane 2006 Dvdrip Eng Axxo
Jackass Number 2 2006 Unrated Edition Dvdrip Eng Axxo
Tbox Beerfest 2006 Dvdrip Eng Axxo
by angel.white December 21, 2006
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