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What republicans should believe - personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals.
True there are some republicans who push their christian views on others and who are very hypocritical in doing so not following their own bible. Most of the Christian republicans are just concerned for your souls (ha) and how their christian teachings can positively affect society and this is regardless of whether you are religious or not, treating others with respect and how you would like to be treated and with love AND charity (because you "cant take it with you") is just a common sense way to run a society
Some will tell you adoption is free and maybe gays can live “happily” in a state that allows.

True some rich folks could give more to “entitlement” programs, but these tend to be very poorly ran throw more money at it to make it work “huge failures”. Both parties should work harder to find better ways to manage the money they freely handout and make sure its actually needed.
Smaller government lets business's run more smoothly and create wealth for everyone (if the owner applies some christian morals to his work)
Republicans just want whats best for America as do the Democrats, they just both strongly believe the other is going about it the wrong way. Decide for yourself.
hey broseph, you aren't voting republican (for republicans) because the media makes all the democratic candidates look so much more appealing even though they hire a cabinet with no real work experience in their fields and lavishly spend hard working Americans dollars and say they're for workers rights but use ridiculous environmental codes and unnecessary benefits to put company's AND all of their employees out of business.

broseph: Actually I just want the government to tell me how to live my life and give all my money to lazy people who know how to vote themselves money from the treasury and continually cast their votes to democrats.
by anewtrend June 23, 2011
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