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Derogatory term to describe Asian women who come on to men for financial gain.
I believe that what they have to say is of benefit to all of us who wish to deport all of you. You only come and take take take and never give back. Your STANKHOLE women only come onto us men, mostly caucasion men, to secure a future for themselves. They don't want to work and they jus' want to get impregnated and locked into the lifestyle of luxury so that they can drive around in Soccermom vans while they shuttle the mutants they have spawned around to all of the school events and games or whatever the fuck they involve themselves in. The reality is that no ROC anti-aging creme will ever relieve you of the ruts that are to come on your faces. All of you become, in time, RAISINFISH. And who wants a RAISINFISH around? We don't? And as you move your little petite feet around in desparation to find the white fool that will screw you so that you can get pregnate and secure a life here in the U.S. of A. How pathetic that we even tolerate this shit, and that we can't get our shit together to collectively deport all of you ASIANS to concentration camps and then if you're lucky, to your own respective countries, to be repatriated.
You ASIAN STANKHOLES smell and you do look like many variations of fish, most commonly the RAISINFISH, and then, of course there's the PRUNEFISH, but that's a whole other day and story. HaH! HaH! HaH!
anti-asian, not anti-aging as in your case.
by aneheim hills racists December 16, 2005

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