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A PC/LAN gaming center that was in Business in Hemet, CA between 2002 and 2009. Run by none other than the legendary Fuzzynutz, this place was the only thing this god-awful town had going for it until he had to close up shop.

In the beginning, it was mainly dominated by the FPS crowd, and it was pretty common to see 24 lan parties or private lans going on in the back. As time went on, and especially with the release of WoW, the scene changed a lot more, with more people playing WC3/DoTA/WoW than anything else up until the point it had to close.

Due to the recession and the fact that Hemet is the worst place on earth to do business of any sort, this place had to close up, thus resulting in epic disaster for many. Other than the hookah bar, there really wasn't anywhere else to go.

For a long, long time, this place was all we had. It will be missed.
It's friday.

It's 3 a.m.

I'm going to Insomniacs.

Get up in this.
by ancient gamer June 15, 2009
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