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the character around which the show 'how i met your mother' revolves. played by Cristin Milioti, the character was recently disclosed. however, her name has not been disclosed yet so, the mother, in the meantime, is known by, well, 'the mother'! lol
himym fan 1: dude did you check out how i met your mother last night?
himym fan 2: yeah! i totally did! the mother was finally disclosed! high time, eh?
himym fan 1: uh-huh yeah. and the actress, cristin milioti was pretty decent too!
himym fan 2: can't wait for the next season!

(next season because the big reveal happened right at the end of the second last season, the 8th one)


fan 1: hey did you see last night's episode of himym? it was titled 'how your mother met me'. i did!
fan 2: me too! and the episode was one of the best in the series. completely based on the mother! how awesome was that! right?
random person (rp): yeah!!
fan 1: who are you?
rp: i'm a fan of himym too! {that makes him/her 'fan 3'} i loved it!
fan 2: oh, then it's cool! let's be friends!
fan 1,3: yeah let's do that! yay!

as you can see, it brings people together.

thank you for your time, now you all can search for something else. or not. totally up to you. ok now i'm gonna stop now. ok? bye.
by amy_tommo_malik February 10, 2014

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