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A term commonly used to describe the A+ student who studies frequently and parties responsible. With awkward looks and confused phrases, a Marie De Austria is usually someone who is adorable and vulnerable, yet untouchable in the realm of academics.
Marie De Austria is in my chem class; she ruined the curve again!
by amrigniae April 17, 2009
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Joe Racca usually refers to a young man who exhibits natural talent in the arts. Common shortened to JR of "Junior", this shortened version is derived from a "Joe Racca" being a premature Renaissance Man. A Joe Racca is unique in that it lacks formal training in the arts, however manages to excel especially in the areas of vocal performance, aesthetic development, and literary composition.
Whoa, I had no idea Joe Racca was such a great singer!
by amrigniae April 18, 2009
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