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Hard rock band currently popular among the Christian Music community.

They rock hard, too. "The Way I Feel" is an awesome song...
Dude, when I was walking out of Sam Goody's yesterday with my new 12 Stones CD, the dude stopped me and said, "Hey! You have to pay for that!"

... and I'm like, "NO ONE TOLD ME THIS!"
by amalga June 26, 2004

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THE most versatile and universal means of expression. Also largely a matter of opinion and apparently something money-makers try to "own."

Music has also been, might I add very wrongly, divided into categories/sub-categories called "genres" that's created an immense level of disunity between music lovers everywhere, causing one group to attack another in favor of their preferred "genre." Really no different from the "money-makers" who try to "own" it.

Rather silly, really, but we're human.
This is an example of the definition for the word, "music."
by amalga June 26, 2004

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