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(adjective) Originally a german term for the word "rancid". (rancid botter)

Description for something negative.

1.)Used in german colloquial speech in fucked up situations or if something just sucks.

2.) Also a usual term for something, that looks old, cheap, decayed and/or dirty

3.) Affront for someone you don't like.
"Hey you fruity queer fucking fat ass, get the ranzig Ford Escort away from the street.
We want space for the flashy Honda CRX!"

"Oh look, isn't that the fat guy who always looks so ranzig? He's on the way to BK!"
by always_hardcore_twins May 06, 2005
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German word for "suck"

Used, when a situation's fucked up, or if someone is teasing you.

Is a universal term, which comes close to "shit" or "fuck you"

Comes from the verb "lutschen"
"Man you've got such a fat ass.
looks like you would have three fried pigs for breakfast"

by always_hardcore_twins April 01, 2005
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