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Placing your bag in a spot and then running and grabbing other bags at random and bringing it back to your's. if your bag gets taken in the process you have to go after the person who took your's.
Once you have got someones bag back to your's you pick your bag back on and run around in circles shouting out that you are the champion.

If someone takes your bag and hasn't dropped there's that is an act of theft.
capture the bag.

Drop your bag on the ground and go looking for other bags.
by always:)happy November 04, 2011

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The fear of a working air conditioner blowing called air.
If one was to get as close as a mete they would start panicking and nearly collapse.

Anything over three meters is a safe distance.
Freaking out from a working air conditioner blowing cold air hence an ACphobia
by always:)happy November 26, 2011

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