1 definition by aliend4wg

The world's strongest bud! Lab tests confirm it at 98.2 % THC.

Process. A top shelf-nug is first dipped in hash oil, dusted with fire kief, rolled in a CBD extract, coated in pure THC crystals, doused in CO2 Oil, lovingly smothered in bud budder, generously sprinkled with green crack, followed by a dash of dank dust, and finally a refreshing dip in weed jello-o. It's been described as a "killer high".

Literally, as smoking these will lead to your sudden death.

See also: Moon Rocks.
1) "Have you heard of these new Martian rocks? SMH white people can never just smoke and chill.
2) "Bro let's pop down to the dispensary and cop some Martian Rocks before they're all sold out!"
3) "Hey homie did you hear about Tommy? Got himself some of those Martian Rocks and totally cashed out last night. RIP buddy, hope the high was worth it."
by aliend4wg July 12, 2017