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another term for male masturbation

Inspired by the Dune series (realized while watching the dune miniseries that aired on the SciFi channel) "Frank Herbert's Dune".
see: wikipedia - Dune TV miniseries

They said: "Subdue the maker" then two people grabbed and held the Worm. While the two people held on the wormand squeezed it the worm finally spewed a liquid into a bowl a third person was holding.
person 1: I'm such a nerd, I told some people that I had other things to do.

person 2: like???

person 1: well I thought I might drink a few beers, watch some pr0n, and subdue the maker.

person 2: what?
Person 1: you never saw dune? what kind of nerd are you?
by alien78 November 11, 2007
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