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to kill something eg a joke, a saying, a band anything your heart desiers can now be "killed"
"dude uve told that joke all day, and now its not even funny, stop killing it!!"

"you just killed it for the last time!"

or a simple "stop killing it!"

"you killed it, now its buried and your p*ssing on its grave"

"your killing it out now!"

or even simpler "killed!"
by alex burns December 27, 2005
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Thomas Christopher Mckinstry, also known as Tom Clit or O.G. Mackersis a well renowned Dota Warrior who can easily be identified by the vibrant colour of his orange hair or the subtle hint of French faggotry in his deep, manly voice.

Famous Quote: "Guys, I don't know what to do with my arms." - tom Clit (2k13)

Source: facebook.com/tom.mckinstry.96
"Add me on the facebook guys, Thomas Christopher McKinstry..."
"Shut the fuck up lol."
by Alex Burns January 09, 2014
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