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Most often a bed sheet white, puerto rican skin color, caramel or dark chocolate boy who's most likely cute and stylish. Fresh like situation from Jersey Shore ripped with mad gear. A female magnet. When you have a party, You invite Averie cause you know he'll always find a way to make the party pop, wether it be getting beer for it and being DJ.


a guy that is athletic funny smart delicious and may or may not enjoy fried food
ie: Fresh to Death. Get all the pussy around the world. Will take your bitch in a minute nigger.

Girl 1: Hey, he's cute
Girl 2: yeah, totally
Girl 1: He's totally an Averie
Girl 1: Ditto, He's mine
Girl 2: No I saw him first

*proceed to cat fight while Averie is long gone home with 3 girls*
by akhbarboomboom May 02, 2011
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