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n. A system of delusions that supports a person's overinflated sense of self-worth and importance. Egosystems are bizarrely robust despite often being overextended and lacking the actual elements that would otherwise legitimize it's sustained existence. Woe to the realist that points out the delusions underpinning an egosystem and potentially (but not likely if you're dealing with a real douchebag that won't believe you anyway) precipitating egosystem collapse... for shame!
Kanye West's behaviour isn't symptomatic of off-the-charts arrogance, but rather it's a manifestations of his extensive egosystem which simply consumes everything in it's immediate environment.
by akaats August 19, 2010
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n. A treatment for verbal diarrhea. Typically, verbodium takes the simple and effective form of a hand firmly pressed over the sufferer's mouth. In rare cases, when the verbiage flows loosely and continuously for extended periods without pause, verbodium can take more drastic forms, such as a slap to the face, dunking the head in a toilet bowl, or horse tranquilizers. Natural forms of verbodium often are preexisting conditions, such as muteness, certain aphasia, and narcolepsy.
Brent was just going on and on and on about how amazing his new accounting job is. It seemed like we was breathing through gills, we just couldn't break in. So, we gave him a double dose of verbodium: Noah slapped him hard across the face while George stuck him in the thigh with a bear sedating dart. It was intense, but peace reigned once again.
by akaats August 19, 2010
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adj. Ability to text-message equally well with either hand.
Did you know Norbert is ambitextrous? If you give him a couple of phones, you'll really see his schizophrenia take on a 21st century appeal.
by akaats August 19, 2010
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