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Someone has an i-high for the first few weeks (or months if they're real douches) after purchasing an iphone. People on an i-high cannot physically keep their iphone in their pocket and fail to shut the fuck up about all their moronic and pointless apps. There is no cure for an i-high at this time, luckily it will wear off after a while when the person figures out the iphone is just an over-rated ipod with a phone crammed in it.
"Hey bro, check out this new app i just download from itu-"

"-You know what!! No, i refuse to look at your pointless iphone apps ever again! So why don't you just get the fuck off your i-high and get a life!"
by aightman January 12, 2010
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When a full-grown man cries intensively after losing any kind of game that he knew he should have won.
"Dude guess what, when I beat Tim at ping-pong he started Tebow-Tearing it up cause he thought he was better than me!!"

"Haha, classic jackass!"
by aightman January 12, 2010
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