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Erotic fanfiction. Very explicit sexual encounters between your favourite series or movie characters. It could be a one shot which involves JUST a sex scene or a whole story with a lot of sex involved.

The followin example involves a smut scene that I wrote for a fanfic. Involves House and Cuddy from House, MD

For full story go to: fanfiction.net/s/5561716/1/Airborne

PS. I would have pasted more but it only lets me have 1,500 characters and well, the real smut is much longer=/
Smut <- HAD to write it -.-

House was having a rather racy dream. Cuddy was walking out of her office with the cutest little tennis outfit. She stopped when she saw House inside the elevator and headed towards him. House smirked at the sight of her swaying hips as she got closer to him and then he widened his eyes when she bent down to pick some papers that had fallen on way to the elevator which was being held open by House’s cane. She finally got through the elevator doors. They both stood there for less than thirty seconds. Neither of them had touched any buttons, the elevator wasn’t moving at all. Cuddy pressed the stop button so that no one would be able to call the elevator and the doors wouldn’t open. She anxiously reached his mouth driving him against the elevator wall with force. He felt as her tongue brushed against his lips. His hand lurked around her waist and lowered, uncontrollably grabbing her ass cheek. He pulled her closer to him and began to kiss her neck, the papers she was taking home to work on after she went to play tennis fell to the floor as she peeked her fingers through the hemline of his shirt.
House felt something hit his chest quite roughly. He awoke from his sleep in fright. Looking down as he panted he saw his bag on his lap. Glancing around the aero plane he only saw the flight attendants and Cuddy walking down the hall. He couldn't stop looking at her ass, how it swayed as she walked drove him mad.
by adult content February 11, 2010

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