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a short, sweet, adorable girl who claims to be socially awkward although everyone loves her, makes people laugh with her cuteness, may change her mind about dating you, and rave-gloves like a boss. Every Cherlyn is an honorary Kool Kid who makes and eats yummy cookies. This means she is most compatible with chip-eaters. Her favorite pokemon seem to be Shaymin and Shuppet, although the experts have yet to confirm this. Cherlyns are also asian and may once have evolved from a sceney-weiney, which is okay because she was one of the cute sceney-weineys, not one of the annoying ones. A Cherlyn among the baddest of the asses because she got expelled in her first semester of highschool. All Cherlyns' birthdays are in March. You cannot catch a Cherlyn with a Master Ball. The only conceivable way known to the experts at this time is to hold her close and never let her go because you'll totally regret it if you do.
"Hi i'm Cherlyn"
"ohhh you must be awesome"

"Wild CHERLYN appeared!"
"Wild CHERLYN used CONFUSION! It's super effective! CALEB fainted!"
by acidacidtabstabs February 07, 2012
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