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The condition that occurs where human beings become infected with laziness, becomes cheaters,get kicked out or quit the military, have kids to five different men, get DUI'S, cannot keep jobs, and live near or with their parents. The infected feel they are extremely attractive or date females/males who also are infected. Usually these people become overweight and have homemade tattoos or claim to have fanastic careers of farmers, taxidermist, tattoo artist, mechanics, and managers of fast food . Usually these careers are false. Infected males are usually tall, overweight with tattoos of many different womens names on their bodies. Infected females usually are tall, overweight hicks that have gap teeth. The females usually are sexually active with any male that is desperate enough. Then become inpregnated and find a male infected to claim as father. If a infected male tries to date/marry/inpregnate someone who is not infected, female gets side effects but loses infects once male isnt around.

There is no cure and the infected become aged and live in dirty houses.
He lost his job, lives with his dad, and has no car. He must have st. thomas redneck condtion.
by acadia thunder June 06, 2011
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